Batman Vs Superman: Breaking Down the New Set Photos

Batman Vs Superman: Breaking Down the New Set Photos

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is less than a year away.  Little by little new information gets released to us.  The nerds are awaiting patiently. But we want more. We’re all on the edge of our seats for the next tidbit. The tension is palpable.

Well, we got more than our little geek hearts could handle.  Warner Bros. and Entertainment Weekly released these photos earlier.  And I’m going to break them down for you.

Batman vs Superman - Henry CavillLet’s start with my favorite one.  Just by the environment, we can tell it’s taking place in a Latino neighborhood on Day of the Dead.  Superman is striking a very classic pose, however his face is filled with concern.  The people are practically falling over themselves trying to touch him (I’d do it too, but probably for other reasons not related to the pictured situation.)  He’s clearly a god to them, to all of us.  Just one touch would change them.  Maybe it would be the proof they needed of the impossible.  Maybe it would fulfill an unbelievable desire to hope.  For whatever reason they want to touch him, he’s not resisting or fighting them off; he’s letting them do it.

Batman vs Superman - Bat SignalThis one is also pretty cool.  The beautiful blues that fill the scene perfectly set the mood.  Even without the bat signal shining, we would know that’s Gotham. Why? Because it’s always night time in Gotham, and rarely has clear skies.  Duh.  There Batman stands, in what appears to be his Superman-battle-ready-mechsuit.  But it doesn’t look like the bat signal was for him.  I think it’s an easy assumption that the light was meant for someone else, maybe the man the mechsuit was made to take down.  I will say that even though I’m on board with both the batsuits we’ve seen so far, I am not loving that bat logo.  It’s just not as imposing as ones of the past.  It doesn’t have that darkness and terror to it. What do you think?

Batman vs Superman - face off


Oooh! I was right. I’d be totally okay if they kissed right now.  I can tell that’s not the mood, they just don’t have the ‘kiss me’ eyes, but still. I digress.  Stare down between the knight and the god!

Batman vs Superman - Affleck behind the scenesFinally a behind the scenes shot!  Of course it’s our Batman, Ben Affleck, and director, Zack Snyder, but look closer.  That vehicle behind them is absolutely destroyed!  This is the remains of a battle scene.  That’s not car wreck wrecked! That’s Zod and Kal duking it out in Metropolis wrecked!  And there’s an older, worn out Bruce Wayne (see you can tell because he’s not wearing the cowl).  He is sporting some graying temples that put Mr. Fantastic to shame.  We’ve never seen this Batman, or Bruce, before.  They keep saying that he’s going to be weary of the world and of Superman, but I’m still not sure if the audience will be fully prepared to the extent they’re planning on taking that story line.

Batman vs Superman - Bruce Wayne and Wonder WomanWhat a gorgeous shot of Gal and Ben.  There’s always an occasion for Mr. Wayne to get dashingly fancy, but why Wonder Woman?  How does she play into this?  Is she an unsuspecting bystander, just another victim of the Bruce Wayne charm?  Very doubtful.  Whatever kind of party this is, be it charity event or what have you, she is there for a purpose.  She could be just as suspicious of Superman as Bruce Wayne is.  She could be the link they need to quell their feud.  She could be there to get down with her bad self.  We don’t know! I do know, however, that she is giving Bruce the cold shoulder.  You go, girl.

Batman vs Superman - Entertainment Weekly coverAnd there they are!  Your Batman vs Superman stars!  And Wonder Woman is front and center! Believe it or not, that is both intentional and meaningful.  Even if her part in the film isn’t as large as one might hope, she will be important to this story and the people behind the movie know it.  Also, this is a huge merchandising jab at Marvel.  While the Avengers tend to forget about the ass-kicking Black Widow, DC is assuring you that Wonder Woman is just as necessary as the boys behind her.  What would the sacred Trinity be without her to hold them up?

Batman vs Superman - Lex LuthorAnd then there’s this. Why? Why? Can we have one Lex Luthor without a hair plot line?  They’ve done it various animated incarnations and it works just fine. Just…stop. Nope, nope, nope.


What do you think about the new images from Batman vs Superman? Any of them get you excited? Or disappointed?  Let us know in the comments!







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8 comments on Batman Vs Superman: Breaking Down the New Set Photos

  1. My kiss me eyes totally glow!

    1. Rae Stewart says:

      I would know.

    2. Yasunori says:

      Great stuff. Batman looks so melancholy, thguoh, he still hung up on the whole murdered parents thing? Look at his little hangdog expression.Let’s get him a presesnt.

  2. Kyle Sewalson says:

    Totally agree with your Lex comments! I think we’re all tired with that plot line.

    1. Rae Stewart says:

      It’s overused to the point of insulting now.

  3. David Hill says:

    The best way I can describe my opinion of the Bat in the Batsignal is that it looks…fat. There isn’t enough curvature on the figure, particularly on the wings, to really accentuate the fact that it’s supposed to be a bat.

    It’s entirely possible that I’m in the minority here, but I really wish Superman movies would just stop using Lex Luthor as the default villain for Superman. In movies, a distinctly visual medium, we want to see Superman eventually cut loose and really use his powers.

    Superman has a good catalog of villains that can take the kind of punishment he’s capable of dishing out: Zod, Brainiac, Doomsday, Mongul, Hank Henshaw/Cyborg Superman, Darksied. And those are just the A-list villains I can think of off the top of my head.

    The only reason that Lex Luthor never ends up as a smear of color on the pavement is because Superman chooses to not deal with him that way. So they can never have a real physical confrontation, unless Lex builds his green & purple supersuit, but even then the fight only lasts so long until the suit gets damaged/destroyed. And that suit really shouldn’t last very long, especially if Batman is involved in any way.

    1. The Bat symbol is very similar to the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns and that’s something the film is going to heavily emulate, even with Batman’s Superman-ready mechsuit.

      Lex gets old after a while but they are most likely using him to launch Doomsday or they want to wait for the Justice League film to bring in big hitters like Darkseid or Brainiac.

    2. Valter says:

      I can’t hear anhniytg over the sound of how awesome this article is.

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