It’s not a doll, it’s a ACTION FIGURE! Part 2 – Mattel Multiverse 12″ Armored Batman Review

It’s not a doll, it’s a ACTION FIGURE! Part 2 – Mattel Multiverse 12″ Armored Batman Review

This article is going to look very familiar, because if you are a frequent reader,Ii reviewed the 6″ version of this figure not long ago.  You can find that article here.  This review is for the 12″ Mattel Armored Batman action figure in the Multiverse line.

I haven’t spotted this figure in a store and instead, purchased this one on here.  To begin, the packaging is very similar to the 6″, except in a larger scale, that will be a common theme for this review.



Multiverse Armored Batman Likeness

Judging by the likenesses shown on the back of the package, this figure has the best likeness of all of the 12″ figures.  Both Superman and Wonder Woman look nothing like their movie counterparts based on these photos.  Even this Batman has very large lips, to the point of almost looking cartoony.


Batman likeness

The interior packaging is nearly identical to the 6″.


Out of packaging

When you get the figure out of the packaging, it is a bit disappointing for the scale and price.  The figure appears to have been sculpted at a 6″ scale and blown up to a 12″.  This results in the details that look good on the 6″ looking blown out of proportion or overly large on the 12″.  The one bonus on this figure has over the 6″ is an actual fabric cape, though it lays flat and lacks the cool creases the 6″  version has sculpted in.  The paint is very similar to the 6″, and because of the increased scale, the lack of detailing around all the battle damage is even more obvious here.


Out of packaging


Bat butt

He comes with no accessories, and that is disappointing.  What is Batman without his cool toys?  A simple batarang would have given him something cool to pose with.

This figure has 10 points of articulation, versus 20 on the 6″.  The most noticeable change is the lack of articulated ankles, which makes this figure very difficult to pose in any position other than a boring straight up and down standing position.  The hips and shoulders have a decent range of movement.


Here’s Johnny!


Batman is more flexible than I ever imagined.


Scale comparison


Scale comparison version 2

Overall, i think that you get a better figure if you buy the 6″ version.  I’d give this figure 4/10 cans of shark repellent, or 2/5 spaceships.

The Grid Rating Saucer 2.5



Did you pick up either of these Multiverse figures? Did you find a different armored Batman figure you liked more? Comment below!

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