Batfleck to Direct & Multiple Green Lanterns

Batfleck to Direct & Multiple Green Lanterns

There’s been a decent amount of DC Cinematic Universe news today. First, Untitled Batman film is slated for 2018 and will allegedly be directed by the Dark Knight himself, Ben Affleck. This will be a big job for the director since he will also be wearing the cowl as Batman. This film is still very early on in development, so we don’t know exactly when it takes place, before Batman v. Superman or after Justice League. We’ll have to wait.

Then, there’s Green Lantern, my personal favorite superhero. Rumor has it that the solo filmed scheduled for 2020 will star multiple Lanterns, most likely Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and Jonathan Stewart. This would be a lot of fun for GL fans since these three get together from time to time when a big enough bad guy is afoot. Additionally, Chris Pine might be up for the role of Hal Jordan since this would be long after Star Trek Beyond.

What do you think about Batfleck directing his own Batman film? What about the possibility of multiple Green Lanterns in one film? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. David Esmale says:

    Despite the critical acclaim that Ben Affleck has gained within Hollywood in recent years, thanks to the successes of The Town and Argo, well…how do I put this.

    It’s not that I haven’t forgiven him for Daredevil…it’s just that I haven’t forgiven him for Daredevil.

    Now maybe…MAYBE…his turn as Batman/Bruce Wayne will finally make that happen. But given how Man of Steel turned out and my general distaste for how things were developed (or not) in that movie, I’m doubtful that my opinion is going to change in that regard.

    So him directing as well? Makes me nervous.

    Regarding Green Lanterns…YES. Hal Jordan is often the ‘default’ Green Lantern, but I think he’s also the most bland.

    Jon Stewart is a former Marine who, at least in the comics, has a LOAD of baggage due to things he did as a Marine, and things he later did while wearing the ring.

    Guy Gardner might be the wildcard. If they base the depiction off of the 80s comic character, he’s just a moron with a big gun essentially. The more modern depiction is much more interesting to consider. If they go with the way Geoff Johns depicted the character, it’ll be great.

    “He has his moments, and he’s a really fun character, but he’s definitely not going to be a moron. His role is not DCU Moron. His role is DCU Shitkicker.”

    He’s not brilliant. He’s not a soldier, like Jon. He’s not a pilot or the ‘ideal’ Green Lantern like Hal. He’s the guy that know how to pick the fights that need to be fought, and somehow come out winning them. And if you write it correctly, there are powerful reasons why someone develops into that kind of person.

    For any new Green Lantern(s) movie to work, I think they almost have to be built around both an internal and an external conflict. Sure there needs to be a big bad that the Lanterns band together to fight, but the movie needs to be as much about their own personal struggles as well. The rings are supposed to run on willpower, so the movie needs to actually show us how strong they are. Or even better, how weak they are, and how the gradually overcome those weaknesses to become strong (probably at least in part by relying on each other).

    1. Timothy Jackson says:

      All valid points. I always hated Guy Gardner, but that’s mostly because I never really got to know him. Hearing you describe how Geoff Johns wrote him makes me more intrigued with his character.

      And there does need to be conflict, both internal and external… But what I don’t want to happen is another movie with the theme of working together. That’s a great theme, but we’ve seen it already with Avengers and even Guardians of the Galaxy… But then again, it won’t be released until 2020 or so… So…

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