Analysis: Episode 4 – The Riddle of the Sphinx

Analysis: Episode 4 – The Riddle of the Sphinx

This week on Analysis, Jordan sighs heavily through the entire back half of the episode, haunted by all the mysteries of Westworld. We discuss S2E4, The Riddle of the Sphinx, and the Sisyphean hellscape that is the digital afterlife of James Delos.

Who’s in the red marble? What is William’s daughter’s objective? How do the timelines really connect? Where did Abernathy’s photo come from? Who’s really in control of Bernard? Is Ellie a host? Damn you, Westworld, and your captivating mysteries!

In Wild Speculation Corner, Jeremy throws out the idea that all the hosts are based on real people, given a looped timeline and clear parameters and goals to keep them from destabilizing.

Also, we get some barks from Jordan’s pup, Oliver.

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