Allians: A New Collectible Card Game

Allians: A New Collectible Card Game

Have you ever wanted a personalized game character? Imagine a card game where you are both player and card! The company Claimony is making that a reality with Allians. Inspired by the classic collectible card games and fantasy leagues, you can draft your team and develop their unique traits. Your team can then wage war with a dash of competitive card games and betting. Engaging in tactical battles and climbing the battle to glory! If that all seems too normal, or average, Claimony steps up the game by connecting your personal card, with your personal Steam account. The system only requires the URL for your Steam account to generate a Champion Card. By default, the card will feature your Steam ID, however, you can upload your own original artwork instead. Your Champion’s attributes are based on your Steam performance and typically range from 0 to 150. The Combat Level is an indication of the Champions overall strength. It’s derived from all attributes with extra weight to the top attribute and range from 1 to 15.

Allians from Claimony

Allians from ClaimonyPlanning: Used to reveal hidden information. Based on your efforts in Strategy and Other genres. Also influenced by Sports and Adventure games.
Endurance: Helps you withstand tough opponents. Based on your efforts in Simulation and MMO genres. Also influenced by Strategy and Racing games.
Aggression: Commonly used to overpower enemy tactics. Based on your efforts in Action and RPG genres. Also influenced by MMO and Other games.
Reflex: Helps you evade and confuse your enemies. Based on your efforts in Action and Racing genres. Also influenced by Indie and Sports games.
Luck: Lets you take advantage of your surroundings. Based on your efforts in Adventure and Indie genres. Also influenced by RPG and Simulation games.
To further personalize your Champion, you must choose from a variety of factions:
Seeker: Seeking wisdom and power through understanding the world around them.
Primal: In need of freedom and individuality through free expression and competition.
Zodiac: Mysteriously keeping secrets within their circle to outwit their enemies.
Infiltrator: Lone wolves who love to manipulate and spy on others to gain intel.
Guardian: Team players who are very protective of their allies and their reputation.

The role of factions will be made clear during the upcoming Kickstarter. The link will be provided as soon as it is available.Allians from Claimony

Check out to create your personalized card.

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